The Fab Fourever Live Con


发布时间:05-24 16:50
The Fab Fourever Live ConThe Fab Fourever is a tribute band that will transport you back in time-to a time they call the sixties.A time when the music was the soundtrack to a generation.Full of that raw energy, witty humor and that undeniable charisma that took the Beatles from the Cavern Club in Liverpool and propelled them into musical icons of a generation, these boys rock the night away with the songs of the Beatles.The Fab Fourever perform all the memorable hits live, without any pre-recorded music, from when the Fab Four first invaded America right through to Abbey Road and Let It Be.Foremost, The Fab Fourever are Beatle fans, and that enjoyment of the music translates into a passion and energy onstage rarely seen by other bands.“A SPLENDID TIME IS GUARANTEED FOR ALL"

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